About Tri City

Company Profile

Tri-City Communications of Virginia Beach, Virginia, is committed to providing cutting edge technologies and services throughout the telecommunications industry.  Our management team, led by Mr. Robert Briggs and Mrs. Shirley Lizano, brings over sixty-three (63) years of telecommunications experience as a fully integrated provider of telecommunications infrastructures to the Mid-Atlantic region.

Recognizing the opportunities and potential for the telecommunications industry, we strive to set the highest standards for delivering quality services by knowing our customers and valuing their needs.  Our success in the marketplace is directly related to the quality of our workmanship, products, and service.


Our Work

Tri-City Communications offers a full range of services, including all premise wiring installations, retrofit upgrades of copper and fiber optic networks and full service installations of new copper, coaxial and fiber optic networks.

Tri-City provides extensive cable installation and repair services through a network of knowledgeable employees and managers using the most up-to-date and cutting edge equipment and technologies.


Our People

All of our management team is active in their roles of day to day operations. Mr. Briggs has developed long standing customer relationships with leaders in the telecommunications industry, including the former GTE Telephone Co., Bell Atlantic Telephone Co., Lucent Technologies and Verizon.

Tri-City Communications has a core group of specialists experienced in providing a full range of services, from installation of premise wiring for data, voice, video and electronic applications to repair and maintenance of outside plant networks. Our staff consists of BICSI certified Level 2 installers and a RCDD.

Tri-City Communications IS an active participant on industry standard groups and organizations such as IEEE, NEMA, EIA/TIA and BICSI. We strive to keep all of our employees satisfied with their company relationship: all company employees are non-union labor, we have never experienced a work stoppage or strike.

Besides our core group of employees, Tri-City also engages and compensates on a project by project basis, independent contractors. We continuously seek to maintain the lowest tabor expenses possible without jeopardizing quality to our customers.


Quality Work

Tri-City Communications has established a reputation for quality, reliability and all around expertise in our operating procedures.   Our services are available on a one time, fixed duration, or full outsourcing basis.

We offer quotes on fixed price, unitary component/service or time and material contracts, depending on the scope and specifics of the project.  Tri-City seeks to maintain a low cost operating structure and has developed a reputation for quality, cost-effective service delivered in a timely professional manner.

At the present time we are the preferred contractor for Verizon throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Tri-City Communications seeks to broaden our customer base with established markets throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as the Carolinas and other southern states.  Tri-City has the crews, the equipment and the expertise to mobilize and capitalize on these opportunities.

Our company principles are pride, quality, respect and solid business practices.  We manage our business conservatively to assure the financial strength and success of Tri-City Communications.  We value our employees, their essential contributions to our success, and their needs for meaningful and rewarding careers.


Tri-City Communications is Department of Criminal Justice (DCJS) Certified License # 11-4826

Tri-City Communications is an awarded VITA State Contract Contractor for Cabling Services

Tri-City Communications is a proud member of the Building Trades Association

Tri-City Communications is SWaM and BICSI certified

SWaM-Certified BICSI-Certified